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Mentorship in code reviews

February 15, 2017 Jeff Read

Code reviews are more than just a chance to catch bugs before they reach production. They are a mentoring opportunity to spread knowledge and improve our teams and code. Every code review should have two outcomes: improved code and improved engineers.

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Neuroeconomics and user interactions

January 4, 2017 Dustin Lessard

Research shows that each decision we make has a tangible cost. Measuring these costs is not only possible, but highly accurate and relevant to our users.

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Restraint-Driven Development

September 28, 2016 Jeff Read

Excellent Software Engineering is as much about the code you don't write as it is about the code you do write.

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Technical empathy

August 31, 2016 Colby Natale

Proficient developers don’t just know how the code works, they can also effectively articulate the business value to others.

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Non-Existent Python Mock Convenience Methods: A step toward sanity

July 20, 2016 Colleen Hardie

Read about one of many potential solutions to the unintentional use of non-existent mock convenience methods.

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A survey of concurrent programming

June 8, 2016 Kevin Sookocheff

Learn how to design for concurrency with this survey of concurrent programming patterns and techniques.

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We are ruthless on code reviews

April 27, 2016 MacLeod Broad

An open letter apology to the new recruit who is feeling discouraged.

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5 ways to find focus in the workplace

April 13, 2016 Rachel McClung

Finding focus throughout the workday isn’t easy. Here are 5 ways one of our visual designers gets to an optimal state of productivity. Read her blog post now.

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Don’t build in the dark: monitoring your microservices

March 16, 2016 MacLeod Broad

Faced with complex code, we knew we had to change our approach. Read on to shed light on complex microservices using monitoring-driven design.

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Code refactoring: helping your team help you

February 24, 2016 Colleen Hardie

To maintain modularity, readability, and testability, we must accept code refactoring as a fact of life. Find out four keys for code refactoring success.

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