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Takeaways from Five Dysfunctions of a Team Training

October 21, 2019 Laura Meckley

Learn what the Workiva Denver R&D team took away from their Five Dysfunctions of a Team training.

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There is no production version

July 25, 2019 Matthew Balvanz

We often ask the question “Which version of X is deployed to production?” Learn how the truth is actually a lot closer to “all of them” than you think.

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How to Win at One-On-Ones

July 13, 2018 Jeff Hilleman

One-on-ones are important to our culture at Workiva, with many different expressions depending on several factors. This post sheds light on adding value to these meetings.

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Mentorship in code reviews

February 15, 2017 Jeff Read

Code reviews are more than just a chance to catch bugs before they reach production. They are a mentoring opportunity to spread knowledge and improve our teams and code. Every code review should have two outcomes: improved code and improved engineers.

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Technical empathy

August 31, 2016 Colby Natale

Proficient developers don’t just know how the code works, they can also effectively articulate the business value to others.

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Code reviews are cultural

February 10, 2016 Dustin Lessard

Get insights from one Workiva developer on the importance of code reviews to the Workiva software engineering culture.

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Managing developers: improve everything you touch

July 29, 2015 Brad Benjamin

Learn what one manager wants to teach all developers—to approach processes differently and improve everything they touch.

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